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Golf Lingo

Common golf terminology

There is a fascinating vocabulary embedded in the game of golf, which often leaves beginners puzzled at the end of the round.   We have compiled a wide variety of golf terminology for you and with TheGolfExpert's help you can sound like a pro in no time at all, even if you can't play like one.   Perhaps the best part about golf terminology is that is continues to evolve with new words and phrases popping up every year.

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"Address" to "Away"

Golf Glossary - 'A'
address - (aka: "set up") the position of the player and his club as he/she stands over the ball preparing to...More

"backdoor" to "Bump"

Golf Glossary - 'B'
backdoor - the edge of the cup farthest away from the player making the stroke. The back of the cup such that when a putt rings the cup and falls in 'the back', it is said to

"Cabbage" to "Cut"

Golf Glossary - 'C'
cabbage - any type of thick &/or tall grass on the golf course. Typically found off the fairway or behind the...More

"Dance Floor" to Duffer"

Golf Glossary - 'D'
dance floor - (aka: "green" or, "putting green" or, "putting surface") slang term for the green or putting surface. Example: "Wow! That's gonna be a tough putt, but...More

'Eagle' to 'Explosion

Golf Glossary - 'E'
eagle - a score of 2 under (less than) par on any hole.

"Face" to "Front Nine"

Golf Glossary - 'F'

face - see "clubface"

fade - a shot that curves or moves gently from right to

"Gallery" to "GUR"

Golf Glossary - 'G'
gallery - in golf the spectators when they are grouped together are known as the gallery. Example: "The gallery

"Hack" to "Hosel"

Golf Glossary - 'H'
hack - (aka: "chop") an extreme downward swing of the golf club that often results in divots and poor ball flight. Also a poor golfer - see "hacker".

"Improved Lie" to "Iron"

Golf Glossary - 'I'
improved lie - (aka: "improved lies", "improving your lie", "preferred lies", "winter rules", "bumping it", "using your foot wedge") changing the position

"Jack n Jill" to Junk"

Golf Glossary - 'J'
jack and jill event - an event where men and women play together. Usually on the same team

"Kick" to " Knockdown"

Golf Glossary - 'K'
kick - (aka: "bounce") the action of the ball hitting the ground and bouncing farther, higher or in another

"Lag" to "Lost Ball"

Golf Glossary - 'L'
lag - (aka: "lag putt", "approach putt") a long putt that the player do not really expect to be holed. Rather, it is intended to...More

"Mark" to "Muscle Memory"

Golf Glossary - 'M'
mark - (aka: "spot") the action of precisely marking the position of your ball so that it can be picked up and identified/cleaned etc and then replaced. Usually accomplished

Golf terms and golf slang can be foreign to a new golfer, but the odd golf terminology adds to the sports charater and charm.  More golf terms below!

Golf Lingo: List

"Nassau" to "Nineteenth"

Golf Glossary - 'N'
nassau - a bet on the golf course meaning that there is a winner for low score after nine holes a winner for low score on the second nine holes and a...More

"OB" to "Overlapping"

Golf Glossary - 'O'
ob - (aka: "out of bounds", "Oscar Brown", "O.B.") out of bounds. Usually marked with white stakes or noted on the scorecard. a ball is unplayable out of bounds regardless of...More

"Par" to "Putt"

Golf Glossary - 'P'
par - the number of strokes in which a golfer is expected to complete a hole on a golf course. Also the expected number of strokes in which...More

"Q-School" to "Quit"

Golf Glossary - 'Q'
Q School - an informal term used to describe the PGA Tour's qualifying tournament which is played once annually to establish the pros who are able to play in...More

"Rake" to "Rub"

Golf Glossary - 'R'
rake - (aka: "trap rake") just alike a garden rake. Usually placed in sand traps for convenience so that a player (or hi/her caddy) can "rake the trap" after taking...More

"Sandbagger" to "Swing"

Golf Glossary - 'S'
sandbagger - a golfer who understates his/her handicap with the hope that this will give him/her an advantage when playing against other golfers in a...More

"Takeaway" to "Turn"

Golf Glossary - 'T'
takeaway - after the address the actual swing motion begins with the takeaway. Thus it is the first movement of the head of the...More

"Under-club" to "Utility"

Golf Glossary - 'U'
under-club - when the club used to hit a shot does not provide adequate distance to reach the intended target when a another club would have provided enough distance...More

"Vardon Grip"

Golf Glossary - 'V'
Vardon grip - (aka: "overlap grip", "overlapping grip") named after historic player Harry Vardon who introduced the grip to the golfing public...More

"Waggle" to "Worm-burner"

Golf Glossary - 'W'
waggle - the movement of a player and his golf club prior to or during the address position. A waggle is specific to each individual golfer...More

"X" to "X-Factor"

Golf Glossary - 'X'
X - For whatever reason when a score on a particular hole cannot be accurately determined an X is recorded on the scorecard...More

"Yank" to "Yips"

Golf Glossary - 'Y'
yank - (aka: "pull", "jerk") When a shot is hit such that it goes severely left (for a right-handed player) of the golfer's intended target to the point that the shot can...More


Golf Glossary - 'Z'
zinger - (aka: "zinner") a shot that takes off from the head of the club and files toward the target reminiscent of a line drive in baseball. Often associated with a shot hit thin. Example: "Julie hit a great drive over the water but then on her approach shot hit a zinger over the green."

Golf Lingo: List
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