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Golf Terms - Letter "J"

Golf Terminology - 'J'

jack and jill event - an event where men and women play together. Usually on the same team (i.e. teams are made up on two men and two women).

jail - a term used to describe an extremely difficult shot or one that is nearly unplayable. Especially when the ball is deep in the trees where the trees themselves look like the bars of a jail cell. Example: "Jim, looking around helplessly from behind a number of trees, exclaimed, 'I'm in jail."

jaws - a slang term for the edge of the cup/hole or more specifically the front edge of the hole facing the golfer. Usually used when a putt is left short of the hole. Example: "After a great approach shot he left his birdie putt right in the jaws."

Golf terms you need to know

jelly legs - (also see: "knee knocker") a person is said to have jelly legs when they are facing a particularly hard putt or may be under significant pressure to make a shot (especially a putt). Usually brought on by extreme nervousness. Example: "Stephanie always develops a case of jelly legs on the first tee when people are watching."

jerk - (aka: "pull") a shot that is hit left of the intended target. Often used to describe a putt that missed to the left of the hole (for the right handed golfer) due to an outside-in swing path. Example: "I would have made par but jerked the three footer for bogey."

jigger - a seldom used term for an old fashioned short iron wedge that was used to extract the ball from deep rough.

juice - (aka: "backspin", "english", "junk") the imaginary substance applied to the ball that causes it to roll or bounce in a direction other than that in which it was struck. Especially when hitting a ball into a green. Example: "Q: How did you pull the ball back towards the hold like that? A: I just gave it a little juice!"

juicy lie - a preferable lie off of the fairway. A lie where the ball is sitting up nicely on some grass or is easily accessible. As though it was sitting up on a short tee. Example: "I was only able to get to the green from that rough because I had a juicy lie."

jump - When a ball is contacted and comes off of the clubface faster than expected/intended.

jump on it - to strike the ball with extra force so that it travels farther than would otherwise the

be case. Example: "After duffing his drive, Ivan jumped all over it with his three wood and left it just short of the green - 265 yards away."

jungle - (aka: "jail") a term used to describe a lie in the middle of many trees or overgrowth (fescue, thick rough, etc.) as it might be in the jungle.

junior - any golfer who is younger than 18 years of age. Most golf clubs will offer junior golfers memberships or green fees at a discount to the standard rate.

junk - (aka: "backspin", "english") see "juice" above.


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