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Golf Terms - Letter "D"

Golf Terminology - 'D'

dance floor - (aka: "green" or, "putting green" or, "putting surface") slang term for the green or putting surface. Example: "Wow! That's gonna be a tough putt, but at least you're on the dance floor."

depth charge - a putt that is lagged ever so softly down a slope towards the hole allowing gravity and the angle of the green to work the ball towards the green rather than the force of the putt itself. Example: "John was on the second tier of the green, 8 feet above the hole, so he just threw a depth charge towards the hole hoping for the best."

deuce - a score of 2 on any hole. Example: "He one putted for his deuce on the third hole."

dimples - the small circular indentations on all golf balls designed to improve flight, distance and spin.

dip - 1. the act of a golfer lowering his/her head during the process of making a golf swing. 2. an area on a golf course (often the green area) in which there is a gradual depression within the ground surface. Example: 1. He had a pronounced dip in his downswing and as a result frequently shanked the ball. 2. If you're not left of the pin on the fifth green your ball will roll right back to the front because of a large dip on the left side of the green.

divot - the portion of turf that is ripped out of the ground by the head of the club during a swing (regardless of whether the ball is contacted or not). Also, the hole that is left after a portion of turf is torn out of the ground as above. Example: "Rita took a six inch divot but she picked it up and replaced it afterwards." Also, "My ball rolled close the edge of fairway as I had planned but ended up in a divot.'

dogleg - any hole designed with a significant turn along the fairway either right or left. Derived from the similar shape of a dog's rear leg. Example: "The par 4 9th hole is a 465 yard dogleg left."

dog track - (aka: "goat path") a derogatory term for a golf course that is poorly maintained, lacks expected landscaping or creativity in design. Example: "Q: What do you think of that course? A: It's a dog track - especially for $85!"

dormie - (aka: "dormy") a term used exclusively in match play when a player is ahead by the same number of holes that remain. As a result the best that the opposition can expect is a tie. Example: "Our match was dormie/dormy by the time 15th hole and we won it on the 16th."

double bogey - a score of two more than par on any hole.

double bogey golf - shooting on average two over par on every hole. Example: "I used to shoot in the low nineties but now I play double bogey golf.'

double break - (aka: "double breaker") a putt or a potential putt that will break to both the left to the right (in either order) as it travels towards the hole. Example: "On the fifth green Doug sized up his putt and determined that it was a double breaker. First left and then right."

double cross - (aka: "double-cross") when a shot curves in the opposite direction to that which was intended. Example: "Cheryl aimed over the lake anticipating a strong hook onto the fairway but was disappointed as she was double crossed and the ball splashed down out in the middle of the lake."

double eagle - (aka: "albatross") a score of 3 less than par on any hole. Example: "Adrian hit a monster drive on the par 4 fourth hole and put it in the hole for a double eagle/albatross.

double sandy - (aka: "double sand save") a shot that travels from one sand trap to another, regardless of whether the first was a fairway bunker or green side, and is then holed one shot after exiting the second bunker (i.e. two bunker shots and one (usually a) putt). Example: "I couldn't believe that I made par on the eighteenth with a double sandy."

down - meaning that you are behind in score to an opponent. Counted by the number of holes in match play and by strokes in medal play. Example: "I was down by four strokes to my brother on the 12th hole but managed to win by two as he blew up on the 17th and 18th holes."

downhill lie - when the position of the ball in on the down slope of a hill relative to the direction of the intended target.

downswing - (aka: "downward swing", "forward swing") the portion of the swing immediately following the backswing in which the club begins its downward motion towards the ball and continues until impact at which time the follow through begins.

drain - the act of sinking a putt into the cup. Example: "Geddy drained a thirty five foot putt for birdie."

draw - (aka: "slinger", "turn over") a shot that curves gently from right to left (for a right-handed player). A very aggressive or uncontrolled draw might be considered a hook. Example: "You can score really well on the third at St. Andrews if you can play an effective draw."

drive - a shot played off of a tee with a driver or other wood. sometimes with a low iron (i.e. #1, #2 or #3). Typically distance is desirable whenever you are driving the ball. Example: "After his drive Sid had only an 8 iron into the green."

driver - the number 1 and largest wood. Usually the first club used on a hole other than a par 3, and usually hit off of a tee in the tee area.

driving iron - (aka: "1 iron" sometimes a "2 iron") an iron that is used by some instead of a wood to promote additional control while still providing adequate distance off of the tee.

driving range - (aka: "practice range", "practice tee", "range") a location, either at a golf course or separate where players can practice by hitting balls provided with their various clubs in order to improve or warm up.

drop - the action of dropping the ball from shoulder height with an extended arm such that the ball, as it comes to a rest, is back in play. a drop is required under specific situations covered by the Rules of Golf. Example: "As her ball was on the cart path she was permitted to drop the ball no closer to the hole with no penalty strokes."

duck hook - (aka: "snap hook", "snapper", "quacker") a shot that curves abruptly and severely right to left (right-handed player). Example: Timothy tried to kill his drive on the first hole and ended up with an ugly duck hook/snap hook/snapper/quacker.

duff - (aka: "dub", "top") a shot that is so badly misplayed that it travels only a very short distance or is even missed entirely.

duffer - (aka: "hacker") a golfer who lacks any real skill or who is likely to have a number of duffs throughout the course of a round of golf.



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