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Because golf is a very social sport, it is important to understand the intricacies of golf etiquette. Being comfortable with your behavior
and the behavior of others with whom you share the course is crucial to everyone's enjoyment of the game.

Improve Your Golf Etiquette Today

For most golf is a game that is played to be enjoyed. It is purpose is enjoyment, relaxation and sociability. In order to make every golfers day better overall it is important that all golfers become familiar with the non written rules of the game. These 'rules' govern the behavior of oneself while playing any given golf course. Etiquette does not reflect ones score but rather (and probably more importantly) how others perceive you on the course and eventually how others will enjoy and be willing to play with you.
Basically etiquette boils down to respecting the golfers you're playing with and those who are playing behind you. Please review our etiquette section before your next round so you can be sure to be on your best behavior on the course and not to upset or offend any other golfers.

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