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Golf Terms - Letter "N"

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Golf Terminology - 'N'

nassau - a bet on the golf course meaning that there is a winner for low score after nine holes a winner for low score on the second nine holes and an over all winner who has a combined (of front and back nines) low score. Example: "Q: What game do you like to play? A: I prefer a $10 nassau. If that's okay with you."

Golf terms to know when playing golf for the first time

neck - see "hosel" .

nineteenth hole - (aka: "19th hole", "bar") the bar our lounge at the clubhouse. Usually where a group of golfers congregates for a drink and to share stories after the eighteenth hole. Example: "Stew! You're going to join us at the 19th hole for a drink aren't you?"


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