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Golf Terms - Letter "U"

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Golf Terminology - 'U'

underclub - when the club used to hit a shot does not provide adequate distance to reach the intended target when a another club would have provided enough distance to make a successful shot. Example: "You don't what to underclub your shot into the third green with the water all along the front edge."

under par - (aka: "sub-par") Completing a hole or group of holes in fewer strokes than indicated by the established par. Example: "To win money on the PGA Tour you need to regularly shoot under par."

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undue delay - (aka: "slow play") playing at a pace less than that of general play as determined by the committee. Example: "Because of the amount of time Garcia takes in addressing the ball and reading his putts he was finally penalized two strokes for undue delay."

uneven lie - (aka: "sidehill lie", "uphill lie", "downhill lie") the situation where the ball lies in a location causing the player to have to place his/her feet with either the ball above or below the feet, and/or one foot higher than the other. Example: "I hit the ball well off the tee but ended up with an uneven lie making the shot into the green harder than was deserved."

unplayable lie - when the ball lies in a location deemed not to be reasonably playable. Example: "Sometimes it worthwhile to take the one stroke penalty for declaring your ball unplayable in order to get out of a particularly difficult situation."

up - relating to the score of participants indicating that one is ahead of the other. Example: "After only two holes I was up on Ruby by three strokes"

up and down - to put the ball into the hole in two strokes with the first one taking place from off of the green. In particular when getting the ball in the hole within two strokes will result in the player making par. Example: "Trevor's approach shot was way left of the green but his short game is excellent so he should be able to get up and down from there."

uphill lie - when the ball lies on an uphill slope such that if an imaginary line were drawn directly from the ball to the target the first part of the line would travel up a hill or incline. Example: "I find it very difficult not to lose my balance during my backswing when faced with an uphill lie."

upright - either a steep or relatively vertical swing plane, stance, or lie angle. Example: "Taller players usually have a more upright swing plane than do players of shorter stature."

USGA - an acronym for the United States Golf Association, an organization hat governs golf and makes rules for golf particularly in the USA and along with the R & A (Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews in Scotland). Example: "The golf rules of the USGA are subject to copyright."

utility wedge - (aka: "third wedge") a wedge carried in a golfer's bag in addition to the pitching wedge and sand wedge. Example: "My utility wedge is 60° - and its my favourite club!"


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