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Golf Terms - Letter "Q"

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Golf Terminology - 'Q'

Q School - an informal term used to describe the PGA Tour's qualifying tournament which is played once annually to establish the pros who are able to play in PGA events the following year. A pro who has qualified to play on the tour is said to have "gotten their (pro) card."

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quacker - see "duck hook" (aka: "snap hook", "snapper") .

quail high - a shot that has a much lower trajectory than intended. As in, "flying only as high as a quail."

quit - (aka: "quit on the shot") either referring to somebody who has stopped playing and is either walking/riding without taking any shots for the rest of the round or to describe the phenomenon where a player either decelerates through contact (often in putting) or does not complete his/her follow through.


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