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Golf Terms - Letter "A"

Golf Terminology - 'A'

address - (aka: "set up") the position of the player and his club as he/she stands ov

Golf lingo that you should know

er the ball preparing to take a shot.

albatross - (aka: "double eagle") a score of 3 under (less than) par.

airmail - a shot that carries completely over something. Similar to an 'airball' in basketball. Example: "I hit driver, 3 wood and then airmailed the green with my wedge."

alignment - the lining up of the body to the intended target or the position at which the player addresses the ball. Typically the player is aligned at ninety degrees to the intended target. This being said, drawing a straight line from the players toes (on both feet) towards the target, the players shoulders and from the face of the club should result in three parallel lines. and is known as 'parallel alignment'. It is the usual starting position or address position.

angle of approach - The direction in which the head of a golf club is traveling during a golfers downswing. The 'angle' is created between the line created by the traveling club head and the target line. Example: a steep angle of approach is more likely to cause a large divot.

approach putt - see "lag") a long putt that the player do not really expect to be holed. Rather, it is intended to finish close to the hole so as to enable a second putt that is much easier that the first.

approach shot - (aka: "approach") a shot taken from the fairway with the intention of landing (and staying) on the green.

apron - (aka: "collar" or "fringe" or "frog hair") the short grass that separates the putting green from rough or fairway. Usually fairly short but longer than the grass on the green.

army golf - a person is said to be playing 'army golf' when they hit the ball back and forth over the green. The term is derived from a drill sergeant yelling at his men "Left! Right! Left! Right!" as they march. Example: "Robert's drive got him into the green-side bunker but then he played army golf and scored a triple bogey."

attend the flag - (aka: "tend the pin/flag") holding the pin/flag stick while a player makes his stroke ensuring that once contact is made with the ball the pin can removed from the hole to avoid any penalty strokes being incurred.

away - the player in a group who is ball lies farthest from the hole. Example: John's drive was the shortest so he was away to hit his second shot.


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