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Golf Terms - Letter "G"

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Golf Terminology - 'G'

gallery - in golf the spectators when they are grouped together are known as the gallery. Example: "The gallery around the 18th green roared to life when Faldo drained the 12 foot putt for the win."

Golf terms and lingo you need to know

gap wedge - (aka: many other names depending on the manufacturer) a lofted wedge with loft between that of the pitching and sand wedge. As such it is designed to travel distances farther than a sand wedge but less than a pitching wedge.

gator grip - see "claw grip".

gimme - (aka: "gimmie") a putt of sufficiently short distance (i.e. 6 to 12 inches) that the players in a group agree that it would certainly be holed and as such do not require the player to putt out (but do count one more on the score card). Permitted in casual play only and never when a competition in underway. Example: "Great putt Abby! That next one (the putt) is a gimme".

go to school - when a player has the opportunity to see another player make a similar shot to the one that he/she will have to make next. Usually (but not necessarily) associated with putts. Example: "John missed his putt to the left because of a big break that nobody saw but I went to school on his shot and holed mine for par."

grain - the direction in which the grass is growing.

grand slam - (aka: "holy grail") the four major PGA championships are the Masters, U.S. Open, British Open, and PGA Championship. Winning all of them in a single year is considered the grand slam of golf. Some would argue that holding all four titles at the same time is also the grand slam of golf. Each individual tournament is known as a "grand slam" event. Example: "In the 2000 season Tiger Woods won 3 of the 4 grand slam events falling one short of the holy grail.".

green - (aka: "putting green", "putting surface", "dance floor") one of the 18 closely mown patches of grass in which a hole is cut. The surface on which putting is the acceptable stroke. Example: "Mike's approach shot fell short of the green but bounced on and rolled within 6 feet of the pin."

green fee - the cost or price paid to play a round of golf at a particular course.

grip - the cover (i.e. rubber, leather or cloth) that goes on top of the club so that the player is able to hold on to the club without it slipping out of his/her hands. Also the method in which one holds the club. Example: "I got new leather grips on my clubs this year." and, "The gator grip is rather unconventional but seems to work well for those who have managed to adopt it."

groove - (aka: "score line") the lines on the clubface of all clubs other than the putter. They are cut into the club to enhance control over the ball. Example: "Without grooves on your clubs you would not be able to put any backspin on the ball."

gross score - (aka: "unadjusted score") the actual score that a player shot on any one hole or group of holes. The score prior to any adjustments that are to be made (i.e. handicapping). Example: "Although he won the tournament with a net 75 his gross score was 83."

ground - ("ground the club", "grounding the club") term used to describe the act of touching ones club to the ground. Example: "The rules state that you are not allowed to ground your club in a hazard under the penalty of two strokes."

ground under repair - (aka: "GUR" pronounced "Grrrr") any area of the golf course from which a shot is unplayable because of work being done. In tournament or competition play the area is always marked or staked by the committee prior beginning play. A ball that is in an area marked GUR is entitled to a drop his/her ball outside the marked area, no nearer to the hole, with no penalty."


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