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Golf Terms - Letter "K"

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Golf Terminology - 'K'

kick - (aka: "bounce") the action of the ball hitting the ground and bouncing farther, higher or in another direction than expected. A kick usually results from the ball striking a rock, sprinkler head, or mound. Example: "My approach shot was left of the green but it kicked to the fringe."

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knee knocker - (aka: "tester", "jelly legs") a short putt that a player is expected to make but is particularly difficult due to any number of reasons but usually the distance. Many golfers find 4-6 foot putts to be knee knockers. Derived from the concept of a golfers knees knocking together due to nervousness as he/she stands over the putt. Also see "jelly legs".

knockdown - (aka: "knockdown shot", "punch", "punch shot", "half shot") a shot that does not usually see the golfer make a complete swing by choice rather than due to overhanging limbs etc. Typically the follow through is shorter than normal or nonexistent. Often combined with a hooded club in order to keep the ball from flying too high. Also see 'half shot'.


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