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Golf Terms - Letter "Y"

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Golf Terminology - 'Y'

yank - (aka: "pull", "jerk") When a shot is hit such that it goes severely left (for a right-handed player) of the golfer's intended target to the point that the shot can either no longer be called a hook (i.e. its too gone to be a hook anymore) or its such a horrible hook that it is considered, 'yanked'. Example: "Diego teed up on the first tee and promptly proceeded to yank his drive into the lake surrounding the 18th green."

terminology in golf that you need to know and lingo you should use on the golf course

yardage - (aka: "yardage book", "yardage marker") the measurement of distance, typically provided in yards. Example: "Some golf courses have yardage markers on all relevant sprinkler heads."

yardage book - a booklet either provided by the golf club (sometimes at a price) or written by the golfer with or without the assistance of a caddie that provides measurements not only of the distance from tee to green but also of all other relevant distances that may be of interest or useful to somebody playing a particular hole (including distances to the beginning of water hazards etc.) together with notes to assist in the playing of the hole/course. Example: "I always ask at the pro shop if there is a yardage book available when I am playing a course with which I am not familiar. It makes my club selections much easier."

yips - the either real or imaginary nervous twitching of muscles at the most inopportune time in a golf swing or putt. Example: "For the past three rounds Stacy's been missing all her putts to the left. Its the worst case of the yips I've seen in a while! "


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