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Simple Golf Betting Games

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Simple golf betting games are those which can be played by themselves, or with each other or added to any of the more detailed games. These types of games are great for creating pressure through competition in specific parts of a golf game.

A simple game which players compete for the most number of greens hit in regulation. A straight bet can be placed or a given value can be placed on a per green basis. This is a great game for practice of approach shots and course management.

betting with your friends on the golf course

This game can be played a couple of different ways. The simplest is when players wage on the total amount of putts they will have during the round of golf and the lowest score wins. A version of this game can be played a match play game where players compete toward the amount of putts on each hole. A player who has less putts on any given hole, wins the hole. The winner is the player who wins the most holes during the round of golf. To keep all players honest this game is best played with another game which takes into account score as well. Otherwise players may constantly miss greens in attempt to chip close and have a short putt on each hole.

Players in this game compete for the most chip ins. A chip in this game constitutes any shot originating from off the green and landing in the cup. This includes putts from off the green (but not on the fringe). Can be interesting if players decide to try and miss green purposely to allow for a chip in opportunity. A chip in is not scored if a player hits the ball from on the green to off the green and then chips in. Can be added to any other game for added fun and competition.

A simple game which players compete for the most fairways hit during a round of golf. Par three's do not have fairways and there for the game is void during play on these holes. A straight bet can be placed or a given value can be placed on a per fairway basis. This is a great game for focus on tee shots and course management.

This is great game for those who love the par three's. Players compete only on the par thee holes on a closest to the hole basis. A perfect game to be played along with any other game. TheGolfExpert recommends this game be played with the fairways game and thus allow for a game to be active on all 18 holes of a round.

Players in this game will compete for the most sand saves. A sand save in this game is any shot originating from a sand trap and taking only one more shot after the sand shot to put the ball in the hole. Can be an interesting game by it's self as players may be tempted to actually hit there ball into the sand and thus give them an opportunity for a score. This game can be added to any other game to add some more fun for those who find themselves in sand traps often.

Golf betting games can be an exciting part of your next trip to the course. Try one today!



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