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Golf Wagering Games - "Last Player" Games

These games are particularly fun. They allow for good competition and friendly ribbing while creating add focus to different circumstances by each player. Simply put these games consist of counting the last person to fulfill different acts on the golf course. For example:

1. Snake or 3 Putt = Last player to three putt (or higher) a green.

2. OB = The last player to hit a ball out of bounds.

3. Water = The last player to hit a ball in the water.

4. Lost ball = The last player to lose a ball (don't look too long)

5. Sand Man = Last person to hit the ball in the sand and not make a sand save.

6. Missed green = Last player to miss a green (HA! Watch the others stress on the last few holes!)

All games can be played individually or in combination with any other game. Each occurrence (ie. Lost ball, Sand man etc…) can be wagered on separately or all have equal wagers.

TheGolfExpert favorite = Snake (the last person to three putt buys a round in the clubhouse)

Betting while you play golf for fun or money


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