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Golf Betting - Points Games

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Point Games involve players competing with each other while attempting to gather the most points throughout the round of golf. Point games have a set amount of points available on each hole. Prior to playing, a given value for a point is determined. At the end of a point game the points are tallied, players compare point totals, and settle the bet by subtracting the lower point totals from the higher.

How to bet with your foursome on the golf course

Bingo, Bango, Bongo

This game is a classic and is very popular with the more mature golfers. Bingo, Bango, Bongo is a simple game to keep track of and can be played with players of all abilities. The object of this game is simple, gather more points than your competitors. Points are gathered using the following guidelines.

  • Player who hits the longest drive (on the fairway) = 1 point

  • Player who hits it closest to the pin (in regulation amount of strokes) = 1 point

  • Player who puts their ball in the hole first = 1 point

It is important to follow the order of play correctly while playing this game. Furthest from the hole always go first and all missed putts must be marked. No gimmies are allowed.

By The Book

This is points game in which players compare point totals upon completion of the round. Single points are gathered by completing the following events.

Fairways hit, Greens hit in regulation, and Pars. Three points are awarded to a player who makes a Birdie and 5 points are given to a player who makes an Eagle.

Payment occurs as the point differences are calculated between each player and the player who has less than another paying that player the given value multiplied by their point difference.

Give and Take

This a cruel version of By the Book. Players gain points in the same manner are outlined in the By the Book game, however points can also be taken away from a poor putting player. If a player 3 putts they loose half of the points they have gathered up to that point of the game. If a player 4putts they loose all of the point they have gathered up to that point of the game.


This could be one of the most enjoyable games I have played. It is recommended that only players of 20 handicap or less play this game in order to make it most enjoyable.

At the beginning of the game partners are chosen which remain so for the duration. Players play their own ball for the duration of the game and keep individual totals. After each hole the totals for each team are calculated by taking the lower of the two scores first and placing the higher of the two next. For example; players on team A score a 5 and a 7 respectively. This teams total is then 57 points. Players on team B score a 4 and a 7, their total is 47. This means team B has won the hole as they have the lowest point total.

The best part of the game occurs when any player scores a Birdie or better. Providing the other team does not score a birdie or better, they are forced to place the higher of their two scores as the first digit of their total. Using the example above and assuming team Bs score of a 4 was a birdie then this makes team A total score 75. This can obviously have a huge impact between the point totals of either team, which is calculated at the end of the round.

As with other point games totals are compared and the team with the lower total pay the value of the points multiplied by the difference in team points.

Three Point game

Another simple game which consists of playing partners. Teams are randomly chosen at the games beginning and change after ever 6 holes. This allows all players to be partnered with all other players in the foursome for a total of 6 holes. Team points are gathered by comparing point with the other team.

  • Team with the lowest individual score = 1 point

  • Team with the highest score = 1 point to the other team

  • Team with the better total (two scores added eg 4 +_5 = 9 total team score) = 1 point

Total point for each player are calculated at the end of the round and players pay the players who have more points. Payout equals, point value multiplied by difference in points.

Golf betting games can be an exciting part of your next trip to the course. Try one today!



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