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Top 10 Pieces of Golf Cart Etiquette

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

golf cart etiquette
Golf Cart Etiquette

1. Drive carts with care.

2. Never make sharp turns that may damage grass or toss passengers out of the cart.

3. Stay out of bunkers and off of grass mounds.

4. Keep well away from tee decks and greens (this means at least 15-20yrds not 15-20 feet). If there is an "return to path" sign, obey it and stay on the tee side of the sign until you have reached the path.

5. Never have more than two golfers on a single cart.

6. Obey course rules for carts, such as 90 degree rule or cart path only. Doing so not only helps keep the course in good condition, but avoids you getting an earful from the marshal or other golfers.

7. Don't drink and drive while on the course.

8. Stay on cart path if possible and convenient.

golf cart etiquette
Seriously pal, on the grass?

9. Don't drive, move carts while others in your group are addressing their ball.

10. Clear your cart of trash during and after the round.




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