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More Golf Cart Etiquette

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

The driver of the golf cart does have responsibilities other than getting the cart back to the proshop in one piece. When the carts are parked on the course is one of the most important as it will effect both the speed of the game and the overall damage the cart has on the golf course.

Golf Cart Etiquette
Golf Carts Require Etiquette

1. ALWAYS keep the cart on the path when parking at a tee deck.

2. When stopping at a tee deck never park the cart ahead of the tee deck you will be hitting from, unless the cart path facilitates it.

3. When on the fairway keep the cart behind or next to, never in front of golfers who have yet to hit their ball.

4. Never move a cart when a player is making a stoke, even if it's silent electric cart.

5. Keep carts far away from the greens and green side bunkers.

6. Obey all roped off areas and golf cart directional signs

7. When parking near a green keep the cart on the path provided AND always park on the side of the green that is closest to the next tee or to the direction you will be heading toward the next tee deck.

- TheGolfExpert


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