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Golf Etiquette Around Water Hazards

Although water hazards can cause incredible suffering and defeat golfers must not get to overwhelmed by them. When your ball goes into the water you must immediately do two things (after swearing). First you must determine the balls entry point into the water and if there is a drop area provided. Second decided whether an attempt at retrieving your ball is feasible.

golf water hazard etiquette
Water Hazard Etiquette

No matter if you will be able to retrieve your ball or not you should try not delay the play of other golfers. Drop a ball at your point of entry (within two club lengths or in the drop area provided) and play another ball. After you have hit this shot and it is no longer your turn to play, feel free to fish out your ball. Finally keep in mind that may rivers and ponds can be deemed environmentally sensitive areas. Golfers must remember not to seriously trample or otherwise disturb the waters edge. Keep your emotions in check and resist the urges to hack away at the grass, trees and bushes.



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