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What Is Golf Ball Compression?

Golf balls three different compression values which are most common. There are variances for these values but rarely scene on a golf course.

100 compression = most often a professionals ball 90 compression = most often an average golfers and men's ball. 80 compression = most often a ladies or JR's ball.

golf ball on tee with driver in address position

So what do these values mean? How do they effect the my game? How does a golfer determine which is best for him or her? Well first you must understand what compressions!!

Basically the compression value is a measure of how easily a golf ball can be compressed when being struck by a golf club. This means the ball goes from being perfectly round to being dented to some degree on the side being struck.

Compressing a golf ball is what causes it to go as far as it does. When a ball is struck the surface is dented. The ball must then return to it's original shape. It is this rebounding effect that allows a ball to get the distance it does. If there was no compression then even Tiger would not be able to hit a ball over 200yrds. If a 80 compression ball is compresses to 3/4 of its original size with a light swing it will travel X distance. Now if we hit the 100 compression ball with a swing of the same strength the ball will only compress 1/8th of is original size and have less of a rebounding effect and therefor less distance. Double the swing speed of the club and the 100 compression ball will compress to 3/4 of it's original size. Now because the ball was more difficult to compress, the rebounding effect of the ball will be greater as the ball snaps back to it's original size with greater force, thus going much further.

A golfer must understand that it is his/her swing speed that will determine which ball they should be using. Often times I see men on a golf course trying to hit a 100 compression ball or ladies hitting a 90 compression ball. I must confess to having a chuckle or two when they complain about how the latest shot hurt their hands and how the ball just does not seem to go very far. I think that is a "dead" ball they say. To which I reply "no, it's the wrong ball for you"


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