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Golf Club Shaft Flexibility

Every once and a while golfers face the daunting task of purchasing a new set of clubs. Nowadays the iron are sold separately so one can make different selections when looking into the purchase of drivers and fairway woods. This allows golfers more flexibility and variety as to which fourteen clubs will round out their golf bag.

man swinging a golf club

With today's technology and the increasing creativity of the marketing teams of all the major club manufacturers it is very difficult to decide what clubs are good and more importantly what clubs are good for you! When deciding on iron there are two major decisions to be made. Today we will discuss the club shaft.

The most important aspect of a club shaft is it's stiffness. Basically the harder you swing the most stiff a shaft you will be able to use properly. Keep in mind the stiffness of the shaft will determine how much feel you have during impact of the ball and as well how much extra power your swing can produce due to the speed a shaft snaps back to straight. If a shaft is too stiff for a golfer he/she will feel like they are hitting a cement ball and they may feel pain in their hands, especially on the missed shots. Secondly, a stiff shaft will help produce a more open club face thus often the ball will slice or "cut" even when the feeling of square contact occurred. A shaft that is too flexible will result in a tendency to hook the ball as the cub face snaps the face shut due to the extra movement allowed by the flexibility of the shaft.

To determine what shaft is best for you, see your professional or failing that go and demo some clubs. If one feels to much like a 2 by 4 it is too stiff. Ask to hit a tour stiff shaft and you will see and feel exactly what I mean. I f another feels like a wet noodle and it wants to wrap itself around your neck at the top, then it is not stiff enough.


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