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Need a Better Lie? Move Your Ball - Legally

You need to know the rules of golf well to legally use them to your advantage legally. This is where TheGolfExpert can help you. This is one of the most powerful rules in golf that can be legally used to your advantage and save you strokes off your score with absolutely no practice time on the range

when to move your ball in golf - Legally!

Rule 28 Unplayable Lie

If you find yourself anywhere on the course (other than a water hazard) you may declare your ball "unplayable". You then have three options when selecting your relief:

1. You can go back to the point where you last played the original ball.

2. You can drop the ball within a distance of two club lengths of the ball's last resting place.

3. You can drop the ball any distance behind the point where the ball originally lay, keeping that spot directly between you and the hole.

If you ball is declared unplayable, it costs you one stroke. If you do not apply the above rules correctly you will suffer and additional two stroke penalty.

- TheGolfExpert


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