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The Ace

So now I've got it, a hole in one

Will this remove, golf from fun?

Hole in one poem

The ball it sailed a good 2-0-5 And gave a new meaning to feeling alive

It fell in the hole, there was never a doubt Discovering it there, I still gave a quick shout

Now that ball is retired on a shelf What's the next challenge, I think to myself

But deep down I know, it's really just luck For the rest of the round I really did suck

To thrive under pressure, that is the quest That is the time to be playing my best

To hit one good shot, not too impressive To hit them quite often, not too dismissive

At the time it felt great, one shot, the hole's finished But my need to play better has hardly diminished

The hole-in-one club, I've finally arrived But my lifelong war vs golf, I've hardly survived.

Poem courtesy Doug Paterson


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