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Golf - The Best Sport

Originally published June 21, 2004

How to play better golf at any age

Ever wonder why golf is growing in popularity and people who don't even play go to tournaments or watch it on TV? These truisms may shed light on reasons why:

  • The players being honorable people who don't need referees.

  • Golfers call penalties on themselves.

  • Golfers don't scratch their privates on the golf course.

  • Golfers don't kick dirt on, or throw bottles at, other people

  • Professional golfers are compensated in direct proportion to how well they play.

  • Golfers don't get per diem and two seats on a charter flight when they travel between tournaments.

  • Golfers don't hold out for more money, or demand new contracts, because of another player's deal.

  • When golfers make a mistake, nobody is there to cover for them or back them up.

  • The PGA Tour raises more money for charity in one year than the National Football League does in two.

  • Golf tournaments are not run on pay-per-view TV channels.

  • You can watch the best golfers in the world up close, at any tournament, including the majors, all day, every day for $25 or $30. The cost for a seat in the nosebleed section at the Super Bowl will cost around $300 or more.

  • In golf you cannot fail 70% of the time and make $9 million a season.

  • Golf doesn't change its rules to attract Fans.

  • Golfers keep their clothes on while they are interviewed.

  • Golf doesn't have free agency.

  • In their prime, Greg Norman, Arnold Palmer and other stars, would shake your hand and say they were happy to meet you. In his prime, Jose Canseco wore T-shirts that read "Leave Me Alone."

  • You can hear birds chirping on the golf course during a tournament and ladies are welcomed as players.

  • You will not hear a steady stream of four letter words and nasty name calling in sports stadiums or arenas while you're hoping no one "spills" beer on you.

Author Unknown


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