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Like a Bungler

Originally published 2005

Golfers and hackers - score better than 100

We choose to take the driver instead of the fairway wood

We speed along the twisting concrete path like a wise guy

We hastily spring out from the speedy buggy in a hurry

We all fear that resident idiot behind howling fore!

We would even look for that darn ball right into the bushes

Like an infatuated hunter looking for its hiding prey

We would be gratified when we finally found it

But then curse abruptly when we see a big tree hampering it

Well like an idiot we choose to hit it as it lies

When we could have just simply opt for a penalty drop

And safely put the darn ball back in play

But no, we all wanna be a hero

Like a fool we say to ourselves, no guts, no glory

Yet in the end to our own discontent and folly

We would miserably be in limbo stuck in the bushes

Painstakingly we remain to struggle frantically

It really seem hopeless trying to hit that darn ball

But then again when we finally hit it we were doomed

The darn ball had haplessly hit the big tree

Bouncing it back much farther into the bushes

We would then yell, squeal and throw our club

Knowing that we have utterly loss the darn ball

Surely now we are much worse off then we were before

We will now be hitting five instead of three

Poem courtesy of Fazli Zainal Abidin


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