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Golf Club Irons - Club Heads

When buying a set of iron a golfer must be sure not to be 'sold' a style which will make the game more difficult than it already is. We feel that golf is one of the few places that, in general, if you spend more money you will get a better quality club. This does not mean however that a better quality club that cost $2000 for the set of iron will make you a great golfer.

a golf ball with irons showing

The basic rules of buying a set of golf clubs are as follow. Golfers with a handicap of double digits should not even consider looking at a muscle-back club and should look into the various price raged clubs which have perimeter weighting characteristic. For those who don't know the difference, perimeter weighting is signified by a cavity in the back of the club head. The larger the cavity, the more physical mass the head has which is located near the edges of the club head. The reason this is a good characteristic for clubs being used by the high handicapper is simple. The perimeter weight actually enlarges the sweet spot on the club. This allows for off center hits to travel further and straighter. There is however a loss of feel and feedback coming up the shaft into the golfer hands. This is good for the high handicapper as the bad miss-hits will be less painful, however bad for the lower handicapper as they tend to play a more precise game and rely on this feedback and feel to shape there game.

The opposite of a perimeter weighted club is a (often forged) muscle-back club head. This type of club has a smaller sweet spot, but provides better feel and a more solid shot as there is more weight and club mass directly behind the ball at impact. As lower handicappers have a less of a margin of error their miss-hits will not stray as far from this sweet spot as often and therefore may benefit from the muscle-back clubs precision design.


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