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Golf Ball Feel

The feel of a ball is one of the most importance aspects of a golf ball, especially for the better players.

golf ball falling into the hole with flagstick present

A soft ball will grip onto the club face more then will a harder ball. This, once again can be good or ball for your game. A soft ball (such as a balatta ball) will spin more and have less distance. A hard ball will spin less and have more distance.

If slicing, hooking and distance are not problems for you then soft is a good choice. (you can see why better players are more likely to use a soft ball)

If you suffer from the dreaded curve ball or have a difficult time getting good distance, you will not want to play a soft ball. It will tend to curve more and go less distance.

A soft golf ball is good for. 1. More spin, therefor more control on and around the greens. 2. Better feel in the hands and therefore more workable (controllable) for the better golfer.

A hard golf ball is good for. 1. Less spin, therefor less curve left or right. 2. More distance in both carry distance and role distance.

A hard golf ball is bad for. 1. Overall controllability, especially during the short game. 2. Stinging your hands during cold weather play

A soft golf ball is bad because. 1. More spin will curve ball more left and right, most often out of control for the average golfer. 2. Will develop cuts and imperfections faster when not hit properly, ultimately becoming unusable much more quickly.

Soft balls = Titlest Professional, Titlest balatta, TopFlight Strata ballata, Topflight Strata Tour Ultimate.

Hard balls = All Pinnacles, Any cheaper Titlest ball, Any Topflight that is not a Strata.


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