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Does Golf Ball Price Matter?

Golf balls can be expensive. And we want to be perfectly frank here. If you can't break 110 on any given day. There is no reason why you should go out and buy any ball any other than the the cheapest in the store. Do not fall victim to the marketing and techno ramblings of the manufactures. Any cheap ball will do if it is purchased new.

white golf ball in a sand trap

Many people buy more expensive balls under the false pretense that it will help them play better. This is not true. Cheaper balls will last longer, go further and straighter for the average golfer compared to the more expensive balls. It is these two things that the average golfer should be most concerned about anyway.

When golfer can shoot scores between 95-110 consistently then it is time to upgrade your golf ball choice a bit. This means go out and buy the mid range balls that are not priced as the cheapest in the store, but at the same time not the most expensive. These mid rage balls will last just as long as the cheap balls, go just as far and will begin to introduce the golfer to higher spin speeds and slightly more feel than than were present in the cheap balls.

Once you can break 90 consistently, it is time to go to the expensive balls. The soft balls such as ballatas (made by reputable golf manufactures such as Titles, Spalding Topflight, Wilson, and Precept) will tend to be the most expensive. It is these balls that the touring pro's use and for good reason, they help lower score for a good golfer. Good golfers can manipulate swings and impact positions in order to work the ball more effectively around the course, and it is these softer balls that will allow for this control to be maximized.


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