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Watching Woods is Painful

Originally published August 27, 2001

Is it just me, or does that scowl on Tiger Woods' face make you want to scream, too. How about his tossing clubs at Steve Williams his caddie. Or what about that Cheshire grin when he puts one to his opponent.

Then there's the theatrics whenever he hits a bad shot, like when the balls supposed to fall into the cup and has the audacity to stay up on the putting surface. He starts getting into position for the fist pump, but the ball grazes the cup and slips by. There's the look of total disbelief, followed by the trademarked scowl. The club goes over the head, down for a slam, back over the head only to be dropped behind his back so that his caddy can come over and retrieve it. Steve Williams may make a million dollars a year and he earns every penny of it

Tiger woods in his prime was the best golfer of all time

The theatrics were in high gear at last weeks' NEC World Golf Championship at Firestone. Throughout the regular round, Tiger's trademark scowl was in its usual place but once the playoff started it moved into turbo drive.

By the time Tiger came to the third hole of the playoff he was in rare form. He was definitely upset that he hadn't won on the previous hole when Furyk failed to get out of the trap in one and Tiger had a short putt for the win. Instead of giving up though, Furyk chipped it in from the trap to force another hole.

Tiger's tee shot on eighteen hooked sharply to the left, landing in a wooded area with an impossible second shot. We were all sitting here cheering, figuring that it was over. But oh no. How could we have been so stupid? We forgot who we were dealing with.

So in true Tigeresque form, Woods decided that a wire holding up a scoreboard many yards ahead obstructed his view of the flag, so he called in the rules official and after a lengthy discussion he was given relief from the bad wire that blocked his view.

Here again we went from a scowl behind the tree to that sickening grin when he pitched it back to the fairway, got up and down tying the hole and on they went.

Want to play like Tiger Woods

Finally, after seven holes Tiger emerged the victor. The last seven-hole playoff occurred in 1991 when Bruce Fleisher beat Ian Baker-Finch at the New England Classic. Only five in PGA TOUR history have gone longer.

Tiger deserves credit for the win. There is no question that he is a remarkable golfer. But do you think he could tip his hat or wave to the crowd once in a while? Might it be possible for Tiger to try and look like a gentlemen on the course instead of a spoiled little brat; swearing, throwing clubs or treating his caddie like an indentured servant?

Maybe if he just wasn't so condescending, childish and arrogant I could cheer for him once in a while instead of always rooting against him.

Article courtesy of Dan Moschetti of Cypress Golf.


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