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Welcome Golfers

What’s Inside

golf course pic with ocean and mountatin in background

Golf Jokes

Have you heard the one about the golfer lost in the woods?  Me neither.....

Golf Lingo

There is a wide vocabulary (and some odd golf terminology, surrounding the game but with TheGolfExpert's help you can sound like a pro in no time at all, even if you can't play like one - yet.

golf green surrounded by water with a bridge leading to it.
golf course with palm trees and ocean in backgorund

Golf Etiquette

Because golf is a very social sport, it is important to understand the intricacies of golf etiquette. Being comfortable with your behavior
and the behavior of others with whom you share the course is crucial to everyone's enjoyment of the game.

Golf Tips & Hints

Lower golf scores usually result in more fun. Right? Well, TheGolfExpert is dedicated to making the game of golf more enjoyable for everyone! Our 'Golf Tips & Hints' provide an opportunity for golfers of every ability to improve their game. Ask questions, read tips, get a better golf swing, improve your game! You'll have more fun.

Golf ball close-up with ball at address.
Golf Course Aerial picture

Golf Betting Games

Sometimes golfers like to add some additional incentive and competition during their Sunday afternoon rounds. Adding some monetary wagering or simply playing for bragging rights can often bring out the best (or worst) game of any golfer. Check out the links below and see if we have a game for you!! Please bet responsibly!!

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