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Weight distribution - Set up

Weight distribution upon ones feet will directly influence the balance of a golfer throughout his or her swing.

When standing over a ball all golfers should attempt to place their weight beneath the laces of the shoe. Another good way to achieve proper weight distribution would be to make sure the weight is distributed evenly from toe to heel.

Golf swing weight transfer

Weight distribution from left to right (i.e. front to back) is much more complicated. The proper weight distribution from left to right should in fact be just slightly in favor of the side furthest away from the target. For example: you back foot should support 55% of your body weight. This is accomplished as a golfer, during setup, regardless of whether they are right handed or left, should have a slight tilt, in the waist, away from the target (see our related tip). This produces slightly more weight on the back foot than the front.

- TheGolfExpert


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