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Set up for Success

When playing golf and preparing for any full-swing shot in order to ensure the highest degree of consistency (and accuracy) a golfer should always set up the same.

The same set up each time leads to a consistent shot

If, each and every time you address the ball in preparing to hit a golf ball, you ensure that your body is in the same position and the ball is in exactly the same position (relative to your front foot), you will find it much easier to make the same swing every time. This is the most likely way to produce the same shot every time (or at least a similar shot for most amateurs). Consistency leads to lower scores.

Many golf pros (teaching pros included) will suggest that you adjust you posture, ball position and/or hand position based on which club you're using. This is bad advice. If you follow it you will are forcing yourself to produce a different (even if just slightly) swing for each of the different 'setups' in your repertoire.

Listen folks! You know as well as I do that it's hard enough to learn and replicate one good golf swing - let alone 14, one for each club in the bag. Building consistency in your address will convert into consistency in your shots. This, in turn, will help build consistency in your game. Consistency in your game leads to lower scores! We all want lower scores.

- TheGolfExpert


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