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Pitching - Use a Target

As you plan your upcoming pitch shot you must learn to narrow your focus. Yes, you must still take into account the lie, wind, type of ball you use, firmness of the greens, etc. However, it is important to narrow your focus when actually making the shot.

Getting close to the hole when pitching

This means once all of the other factors have been considered a golfer should settle one two things....

  1. The setup. This will, most importantly, determine the ball position and the target line. Once the setup has been taken the golfer can then forget about it and focus on the second and last factor.

  2. Where the ball will land. This is the spot you're targeting. Remember, once the ball contacts the ground it will use the forward momentum you have given it and go where the ground, on which it lands, directs it. Therefore, you must decide prior to the shot where you want the ball to land in order to achieve the desired result (in or close to the hole).

By narrowing your focus to a specific area of ground which can be considerably larger than the actual hole, you will gain confidence as your target seems to be much easier to hit. Second you will have fewer pitch shots that go way past the hole, which is often the result when players focus on the hole as there target.



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