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The Pitch Shot - Correct Club Selection

Pitching is an art. The golfer who is good at it can be viewed as an artist. However, all successful artists have one thing in common…they use the appropriate equipment.

Which club should I use when pitching

Golfers who wish to become "pitching gurus" must first learn the differences between their pitching clubs. A sand wedge, pitching wedge, lob wedge even 8 or 9 irons can be used for pitching. These clubs all have many different characteristics.

The two most important things to take into account when selecting the proper club in the proper situation are:

  1. Loft - The amount of angle of the club face in relation to the ground surface.

  2. Bounce - Determined by the amount of material protruding lower than the bottom leading edge of the club face (measured when the club is held in a straight and square setup position).

The loft must be selected in accordance to the height needed to either lift the ball over an obstacle or allow for the proper descending angle relative to the desired amount of role.

The bounce must be selected in accordance with the lie of the ball. If the ball is sitting on hard pan then a club with little to no bounce is preferable. If however, the ball is in soft sand or in the rough then a club with more bounce may be a better selection.

- TheGolfExpert


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