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The Full Golf Swing - the 'Take Away'

The first movement in a golf swing begins as the club moves away from the golf ball. In order to maximize the chances of getting to the top of the back swing correctly we should always try and complete this takeaway in a fashion we call a "one piece takeaway".

What makes a perfect golf swing

A 'one piece takeaway' occurs as the tip of your club, up through the hands, wrists and arms, all the way to the shoulders appear to move as though they are one solid piece. All these components should move as one until your hands reach a point just in front of the outside of your back leg (to pick a specific point - your kneecap).

A 'one piece takeaway' means there is no movement at the point where your hands meet the club, within the wrists, elbows or shoulders. Concentrating on taking the club straight back in a one piece takeaway will help get the club on the correct plane for the rest of the golf swing.

- TheGolfExpert


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