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To Take a Divot or to NOT Take a Divot?

Golfers and divots. They go hand in hand and are forever connected. But, are you allowed to create a divot? Should you expect to create a divot. When should you take a divot? Ever? Pros take divots. Why don't you?

Divots on the golf course

Here's the bottom line, when hitting a golf ball with an iron it's very important to make sure the club reaches a point completely beneath the ball. A divot can simply be shaving the grass down or it can consist of a hefty piece of sod.

Regardless on the size of the divot, it is VERY unlikely that you will hit a ball well, with optimal trajectory if you do not take some divot.

The ideal divot will begin somewhat ahead of the back side of the golf ball (ie on the side closer to the target). If a divot begins before the back of the ball, that ball has been struck 'fat'. A ball struck without hitting any ground at all (i.e. no divot) is a struck thin. Neither is optimal for distance or control. So, take a divot. Hit the ball correctly and make lower scores. Just be sure to replace the divot if you create a large enough one.

- TheGolfExpert


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