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Putting Alignment

How to make more putts and lower your score

This is an easy technique that many players have found useful when lining up putts of any length. I have found that it works for players best when used regularly as part of their pre-putt routine.

When on the green and preparing to putt, be sure to mark your ball. Then, as you are replacing your ball line up the words on the ball (i.e. Titlelist, Topflight, Molitor etc.) such that they point or are directly in line with the target towards which you want to stroke the ball. This allows you to get an advantage in a number of ways. You can use the words on the ball to help establish your alignment by setting you feet parallel to the line created by the words on the ball. Further, you should line up the center line or 'sweet spot' line on the putter so it is a continuation of the line formed by the words on the ball. This will help ensure that the face of the putter is directly facing your target line.

Finally, you can use the line created by the words on the ball to assist you in stroking the ball straight. The path of the putter, and more specifically the line on the putter, should travel straight along the words on the ball.

- TheGolfExpert


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