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The Full Golf Swing - The 'Finish'

Also known as the follow through. The finish position should be well balanced and controlled.

When standing in the finish position a golfer should have approximately 95% of his/her body weight on the front foot. This ensures a complete weight transfer has occurred.

How to develop the perfect golf swing

The golfer should be standing tall with head held high and their nose in a position directly above the laces of their front shoe. His/her shoulders need to have been turned at least enough to face the target directly or perhaps (for those more flexible) turned so much as to begin facing behind the golfer in a direction away from that of which the feet are pointed.

The finish position is one of the most photographed so even if your shot doesn't end up where you intended be sure to hold the finish for just a second and soak in the flash bulbs. You might as well look good, even if you can't score good yet.

- TheGolfExpert


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