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Hackers Guide to Breaking 100

Originally published June 15, 2002

Throughout our golfing career, we have all, at one stage or another classed ourselves as a Hacker, hell lets face the facts, there are some golfers that will always be hackers. But no matter how much of a hacker you are, there is always that one big challenge, that one major hurdle to overcome - breaking the big 3 digits. Here's our Hackers Guide to Breaking 100! - If your already 25 over the card after 7 holes, don’t worry there is always your adjusted score!

- Concentrate on your game but don’t think about your score.

- For all you hackers out there, never count up your score on the 17th hole and tell yourself you need a double bogey or less to break 100, chances are, you will choke!

How to break 100 playing golf

- Try and play with a better golfer than yourself, you’ll obviously chop the first hole but things will come right when you watch how he/she plays the game.

- For all you superstitious hackers out there don’t put the mockers on yourself. Whatever you do, don’t talk about the way you are playing. For example, don’t say “Oh I’m hitting my driver well today” chances are that you will not hit another good shot with that club for the rest of the round/life.

- Early on in your round, always hit about two clubs bigger than you would normally. This way your embarrassing fat shots will still make the green.

- Always purchase balls with maximum distance and minium spin. You need all the help you can get!

- Try and cut out the 4 putts, if you can average 2 putts on every green you are well on track to break the big 100.

- Try and stay out of trouble. The worst thing that can happen to any golfer is getting caught in a bunker which you just can't get out of, or continuously hitting the ball into the water. Try to avoid the 'blow out holes' by concentrating on hitting the ball down the middle of the fairway every time.

- If you have a slice, aim left, if you hook aim right, this way it will look like you were trying to hook or cut on purpose, which can only help your confidence.

- Don't get into the situation when you are holding up 80 players behind you, walk quickly to your ball, and then take time over your shot, you will find this will help relax you when you play - the last thing you want is to get yelled out when you are so close to breaking 100!

- Finally, Don't Cheat. It will feel a lot better if you do it the right way, rather than go through life living a lie. Keep trying and one day, somewhere along the line, that 2 digit score will come.

Article courtesy of Duncan Barr


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